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Our LocationParauli, Siwan, Bihar


• You will be able to make choices that have a direct impact on the things you learn and the life you lead at boarding school.
• Great teachers who love to teach.
• You will make friends for life.
• Increased maturity, greater self-sufficiency and superior preparation for college.
• A well-equipped library.
• A wide range of sporting activities under professional supervisors.
• Fine arts figure prominently in every child’s education.
• Children are actively encouraged to participate in dramatics and music competitions to showcase their talents.
• Supporting peers and caring staff to mentor you.
• Creating global citizens.
• Developing maturity and a holistic preparation for the future.
• Literary and community activities through clubs and co-scholastic activities.
• Excellent academic results and well-placed alumni network.
• We also emphasize on grooming of our students into ladies and gentlemen, soft skills, table manners and etiquettes.
• A proper orientation programme for new students and parents to help them adapt to Vatayan’s environment.
• Excellent extra- curricular sporting facilities.